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Laramie County

Construction Trades & Manufacturing

Local Workforce Development

After seeing a boom in construction trades and the manufacturing industries in Laramie County, we launched Next Gen Sector Partnerships led by engaged private-sector business leaders who champion their own agenda, define objectives, and drive action teams to develop programs and strategies to address those industries’ real growth needs.

About the Next Gen program

Next Gen target

Determine the need

Next Gen partnerships identify business needs in the targeted industries with labor statistics and the voices of local business leaders.

Next Gen plan

Public sector support

Local industry leaders determine strategies to address needs, while government and other public sector entities lend support.

Next Gen Partnership

Next Gen program

At its core, this platform is collaborative, pro-business, and dedicated to industries creating their own success plans.

Reach out to get involved in your county or to find out when
your industry meets again.


Larry Fodor

MSI Mechanical



Jennifer Wilch

Wyoming Workforce Development Council