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About the Council

The Wyoming Workforce Development Council (WWDC) is composed of leaders from across the state. After they are selected by the Wyoming governor, council members serve on a voluntary basis for four years, participating in quarterly meetings and on subcommittees. Members of the board bring unique experience and expertise to the group, from fields including business and industry, organized labor, state legislature, education, social service agencies, and others that have a stake in employment and training issues.


We are grateful for all of our council members, past and present, for their contributions to developing Wyoming’s workforce.


For more information, contact Jennifer Wilch, WWDC Director at

Council Purpose

WWDC members are hand-selected by the governor to advise the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services and its 18 full-service state centers, as well as to align employment and training programs.

Workforce Development

The council determines federal workforce grant allocations to support businesses and increase the number and quality of jobs for Wyomingites.

Industry Focused

The WWDC identifies workforce challenges, fosters collaboration, and creates opportunities for Wyoming residents.

Our Council Members